• Five Paw Reviews

  • o


    I have a 10-month-old Australian Shepherd. For people who don't know, Australian Shepherd is a high energy herding dog and need 2+ hour of exercise every day. But with Danny's off leash hiking and beach service, I have a tired (happy) dog all the time. We started using Doggie Adventures about 5 months ago and Tele LOVES Danny. Whenever Tele saw Danny and his Van, his tail wiggled like turbo and jumping up and down to greet him. This must be the best off-leash service that includes pick up, drop off and clean up in the bay area.
    Great things about Danny's services:
    - Flexibility
    - He will text me when he is 15 mins away, so I can get Tele ready.
    - Including pick up, drop off and clean up
    - Highly recommend for high energy pup
    - He CARES about your dog

    If you are on the waitlist, it WORTH to wait because this is the must have service for your pup .

  • Cliffy


    We have used Doggie Adventure for 12 years and we (and our dogs) love it. Reasonably priced. Great for big and small dogs. Thanks Stephanie.

    Arthur V.

  • gurlz

    The Girls

    We recently moved to the Bay Area with two very energetic vizslas. Stephanie and Danny have welcomed our girls into their packs and now our dogs are living their best lives.

    Danny picks up the girls in the morning and they go for a little drive to pick up some other friends before they head to the beach for their day's adventure. 6+ hours later they return home, exhausted, and happy. Danny or Stephanie sends a couple of pictures each trip, which has the unintended effect of making me want to quit my job and become a dog walker. But, it is nice to see how much fun the girls are having as they play with all their new friends.

    With moving and starting new jobs during a pandemic we have had to move around our dog walks while we deal with things that pop up last minute. Stephanie and Danny have been super flexible with our last minute changes to the schedule, which has been a huge help.

    After a few days in a row at the beach, even our high energy dogs are ready for a day of snoozing on the sofa.

    Hannah C.

  • JJ-circle


    Steph and her crew have been taking our Puggle twice a week for several years.  They are awesome!!  She comes home tired and happy.  Our small dog loves playing with the big dogs. They loves dogs!!

    Judy K.

  • byron


    Stephanie is a dog whisperer! The way she commands the attention of so many dogs at once is so impressive. My puppy Byron LOVES going to her house and going on beach hikes! He has made so many dog friends and has learned how to be loving to dogs of all ages and sizes. I would highly recommend doggie adventures for anyone who wants their dog to be ahead of the pack when it comes to socialization and just overall amazing temperament. I have gotten sooooo many compliments about how well behaved my puppy is and I owe a good portion of that to Stephanie and her team. Stephanie has been flexible working with my schedule and I feel so blessed to have her in mine and Byron's life!

    Rachael V.

  • Holly


    My pooch has been with Doggie Adventures for over a year now and I have to say that the experience has transformed her.  Before this, she was a bit high strung at times and often has too much energy and not enough ways to spend it.  Neighborhood walks and dog park visits were never enough.

    When I started looking into off leash hikes as an alternative, it was very important for me to find an experienced handler who I trust and can keep all the doggie personalities (including mine) in the pack in check.  I went on a hike with Steph, and was impressed on her ability to do so.  I started my dog on regular hikes after and have never looked back since then.

    Nowadays, my pooch is so excited every time she is picked up by Steph, and she always comes back tired and HAPPY!!!

    Estella C.