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  • History

    Doggie Adventures laid its roots in 1991. Stephanie was a Personal Trainer and Owner of a Fitness Studio in Los Altos. She would block off a couple hours during the middle of the day and head out to the Open Space Parks to exercise her energetic Aussie, Foster. Most of her dog loving clients had a pampered pooch at home and asked Stephanie if she wouldn’t mind picking up their dog and taking them along on her daily trail hike or run.

    Over the next 25 years personal training and hiking dogs worked together in harmony for Stephanie. In 2009, she transitioned out of Personal Training and full time into Doggie Adventures.

    Stephanie’s philosophy is the key to a well behaved and happy dog at home is a well exercised and socialized dog during the day. And that’s the environment Doggie Adventures provides.

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    Stephanie Zeh

    Stephanie grew up in Alexandria, Virginia. In 1981, Stephanie attended the University of North Carolina on a full sports scholarship. She earned All American and NCAA MVP honors and National championships. Graduating with a BA in 1985 she became a business entrepreneur for 4 years and decided to make a career change and the trek out to Palo Alto, California as the Athletic Director at Castilleja School. Following her passion for coaching, she spent her summers and received a Masters in Sport Administration at San Francisco State University.

    In 1991 Stephanie became a personal trainer and opened a fitness studio. Many of her clients had dogs but their jobs prevented them from getting their pups out for exercise during the day. Doggie Adventures was born. Steph would pick up and drop off 4-6 of her clients dogs and take them out to local trails and open space for 2 hours of off leash jogging and hiking.

    Her passion and love for Dogs drove her to form a unique Doggie Day Care where pups are picked up and dropped off from their home and driven crate-free to Fort Funston Beach , A true Doggie Disneyland for 3 hours of of off leash fun.

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    Danny Adams

    Danny was born and raised in the Bay Area. An avid lover of all animals and nature, she greatly enjoys being able to hike our happy doggie campers in places where they can roam free, explore and play! She assists our local dog-walking community by maintaining the Fort Funston Lost Animal/Alert Network. Danny also enjoys tinkering with technology, make-up and costume work, writing but most of all, spending time with her beloved chiweenie, Bubby.

  • Walter Briscoe

    A long time resident of San Francisco, Walter was born to work with dogs. An everyday visitor to Fort Funston to walk his own dogs turned in to an assistant position with Doggie Adventures. His great attitude and love for his job shows everyday with a huge smile on his face when the van doors open and dogs run to him.

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    Carol Segarra

    SF native Carol is a wonderful part of the Doggie Adventures family and an ancillary member of our team. She brings joy and positivity to our pack and wisdom to grow from. 

  • Feel the Love

  • We have over 25 years in business treating your dogs like our own. At Doggie Adventures, we love what we do and take the utmost care of your pup's health, safety, and happiness.